Application Areas

The application areas that customers are likely to apply these techniques would include the following:

• Looking at the surface issues that effect adhesion
• Assessing the performance capability of catalysts
• Analysis of causes of failure linked to surface changes
• Identification of surface contaminations on materials
• The surface performance of semi-conductors
• Tribological surface/additive interactions
• Metal passivation and corrosion studies
• Chemical state assessment


Expert TeamThe use of this state of the art equipment provides the ultimate in sensitivity, spatial resolution and energy resolution which together with the very latest data collection and processing computer systems allow unequalled unequivocal and accurate analysis of surfaces and surface interactions. High sensitivity allows data to be collected more quickly resulting in faster turn round time, lower costs per analysis and shorter exposure times of samples to vacuum conditions. The higher spatial resolutions allow smaller surface features to be examined and identified and the higher energy resolutions allows more accurate identification of the chemical states of the elements in a given surface.


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